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The Company is the largest distributor of fuels and lubricants in Brazil in sales volume (according to data from the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency – ANP). In the nine-month period ended September 30, 2017, Company’s market share was 29.9% (according to ANP; the Sindicom (National Syndicate of Fuel and Lubricant Distribution Companies), Abegás and State Gas Companies). In this same period, the Company was leader in the following segments: Service Stations Network, Large Consumers and Aviation, with 24.5%, 42.6% and 56.4% market share, respectively, also according to the sources mentioned above. In 2016, the Company was the second largest Brazilian company in gross revenue, according to the magazine Exame Melhores & Maiores, second only to its associate company, Petróleo Brasileiro SA (“Petrobras”). Company’s net revenue totaled R$ 86.6 billion in 2016 and R$ 61.4 billion in the first nine months of 2017.

The Company was incorporated in 1971 to take over the oil and refined oil products distribution and sales activities, then carried out by its associate company Petrobras. The Company has the largest capillarity in the fuel and lubricants distribution market in Brazil, supplying more than 7,700 “BR” service stations and approximately 14,300 customers in such operation segments as Large Consumers, Aviation Products, and others, as shown below. The Company relies on the largest logistics structure of this category in the country (according to ANP data), which includes 91 fuel storage bases, 15 lubricant storage facilities and 109 filling stations in airports, all strategically distributed throughout the five Brazil regions, operating with an outsourced fleet of approximately 8,000 vehicles, as of September 30, 2017. With this platform, the Company is able to efficiently meet the demands of all its clients in any Brazilian municipality.

The Company sustains that the strength of corporate brands “BR”, “Lubrax”, “BR Mania” and “BR Aviation”, among others, is a great differential over its competitors, as those brands are associated with reliability, good service, and quality of products and services provided by the Company. The “BR” brand is licensed to service stations and other business exclusively by Petrobras associate company, and is used to identify the network to which the Company distributes fuels and lubricants.

The “BR” brand is top-of-the-mind for Brazilians in the fuel category according to a IBOPE Inteligência survey in 2016, and Folha de São Paulo –Folha Top of Mind 2016. Regarding Folha, the Company is leader since the category was created in 2003 (i.e., 14 consecutive years). The “Lubrax” brand, used in the lubricants segment, is also highly recognized in the domestic market, as pointed out by IBOPE Inteligência and Revista Quatro Rodas magazine, both from 2016.

The Company believes that the 1,294 BR Mania convenience stores and the 1,572 Lubrax + automotive service centers located at BR-flagged service stations, according to data from September 30, 2017, make consumer’s experience at service stations to be more enjoyable. The presence of BR Mania convenience stores and/or Lubrax + automotive service at service stations has contributed to customer’s loyalty and generated additional fuel sales. In addition, BR Mania stores and Lubrax+ centers help generating royalty revenues for the Company.

The Petrobras Premmia (with approximately 11.4 million subscribers on September 30, 2017) and BR Aviation Club (specific to small aviation) loyalty programs, as well as the fleet control and monitoring system (“CTF-BR”), Petrobras Card, BR Aviation Card and other specific marketing actions have also added value to Company’s business. The Company’s technological systems collect data on the consumption habits of more than 2 million consumers circulating every day at BR-flagged service stations. The transactions generated at BR Mania stores and those registered in the Petrobras Premmia loyalty program enable the Company to identify new business and partnerships development opportunities.

Lastly, the Lubrax line makes the Company to be the leader in the domestic lubricants distribution market in term of sales volume, with a 23.1% market share, according to Sindicom data released on September 30, 2017. The Company offers advanced technology products for cars, motorcycles, pickup trucks, buses, trucks, boats, locomotives and aircraft, and is always seeking to keep abreast of global trends in launching new products, especially those related to fuel economy and environmental issues.

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